Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dating, A Woman’s Private Game

Dating is a game to most women, there’s no question about that, but this is something most men don’t realize. Most men have a goal in mind; a guy may be out at night trying to get laid or looking for a gorgeous girl next door to settle down with, and all that bullshit that goes along with it is just an obstacle to most guys. Dating is really just something to get you to the end goal, it doesn’t hold any value in and of itself. But to women, dating is an end in itself. What do I mean here? Look at it this way, guys talk to women generally because we want something…we want to get laid, or we want to get her phone number, or we want to take her with us to a party next weekend, but women talk to guys just for the hell of it. That’s right, women actually enjoy the simple act of interacting, and the key is, they enjoy it without any particular goal in mind. This all springs from the fact that women tend to live more in the moment than men. Men tend to be more analytical and prefer to plan things and achieve goals; women tend to focus on the “here and now” and are driven more by emotions. These emotions can, and often do change on a whim, and are not driven by any sort of achievable goal in their minds. This all means that when you’re talking to that perfect 10 at the bar, she isn’t thinking about the next step, or where this will end up, she’s just having fun playing the game right then and there. And that’s something that throws a lot of guys off; they don’t realize that women play so many games because they like to fuck with our heads…they enjoy seeing our reactions and they really enjoy it when we can play the game just as good, or better, than they can.
Now here’s another little nugget that most guys don’t realize. While it’s a pain in the fucking ass to deal with a woman’s games, especially when we just want to get to the point and play hide the salami. A woman shit testing you is actually a good thing…it shows she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of boning you yet. And to any guy who’s ever made the mistake of slipping into friend-zone knows, once you slip into that zone it’s nearly impossible to get out. Plus, women are programmed to play games, and to like it, but only with guys who they view as potential fuck buddies. So to all you guys reading this thinking, “women don’t play games with me,” well, that’s because they just aren’t into you…… Sorry. Most women, especially the sexy ones, are phenomenal at messing with guys’ heads and making guys fall all over themselves to try and get into their pants. While that means sexy women are that much more difficult to get into bed, it also means that once you master the game, the sexiest women will be totally turned on by you, if for no other reason than the fact that most guys simply can’t compete. By beating her at her own game, you’re showing a woman that you’re in tune with how she operates on such a level that you aren’t phased by even the strongest plays she’s got in her playbook. If you can manage to turn those plays around on her, and beat her at her own game, you’ll be plowing the shit out of her within a week.
So treat every interaction as a playful game, with no “chips on the table.” Relax because it’s just a simple flirting game with no egos involved. Build attraction with the woman through humor, subtle touching and “takeaway” strategies discussed in earlier articles. When the woman start’s to “shit test” you, like asking you for a drink for her and her friend, smile confidently and reply “is your friend coming home with us tonight.” Make sure to follow up with a smile, chuckle and a playful touch. Let he know what your intent is, that you are interested in her, but also don’t let her control the situation and make demands that you blindly follow. You will seem desperate even if you are not. She is shit testing you to see if she can bilk you out of drinks. If a man just blows money on her and her friend, the woman will most likely leave you even if she is physically attracted to you. This is because it is still just a game to her and you were not man enough to put your foot down and tacitly set the rules of the game. Take the little “shit tests” women give you and playfully mold them into your own terms and don’t let the woman control the game. Remember, the one who controls the game sets the rules for scoring!